Teresa Nogueras, José María de

Facultad de Ciencias - Edificio A
C/ Pedro Cerbuna, 12
50009, Zaragoza, España

After a PhD thesis at University of Zaragoza on Colosssal Magnetoresistance, finalized in 1997, I carried out two postdoctoral stays, at IFW (Dresde, Germany) and Thomson-CNRS (Orsay, France), where I learnt about thin films and lithography techniques, working on magnetic tunnel junctions at Orsay under the supervision of the Nobel prize winner Albert Fert. In 2001 I entered CSIC (Institute of Materials Science of Aragon) with a tenure-track position, becoming Professor in 2010. I have been in charge of setting up the Clean Room and its lithography equipment at University of Zaragoza since 2005. I am the coordinator of the Spanish Network on Nanolithography since 2009. I have participated in 63 research projects/contracts, in 33 of them as principal investigator. I am co-author in 182 publications belonging to the SCI (>6600 cites, h index=39) and 10 book chapters. I have given 74 invited talks and supervised 19 Final Master Thesis (2 in progress) and 12 PhD Thesis (3 in progress). Currently, I take part in several international committees: “Focused Electron Beam Induced Processing” committee, European nanoscience infrastructure access NFFA, Oak Ridge US nanoscience infrastructure access committee, steering committee board of the Condensed Matter Physics division of the European Physical Society. Founder of the company Graphene and Nanotechnologies (GPNT). One licensed patent on magnetic tips for Magnetic Force Microscopy. My research lines are at present: nanofabrication based on focused electron and ion beams, magnetotransport properties in nanostructures, magnetic and superconducting nanomaterials, electronic properties of graphene.